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Hey i have a quick question. I REALLY want to meet Drew. She's inspired me so much, and I read her autobiography and relate to it so much. I admire how strong she is, and how beautiful her soul is. I'm afraid that if I ever do get to meet her, then I'll like, break down, and cry because everything is so held inside, but when I watch her interviews and read her book, everythings ok. Do you have any advice or tips?

Hi there! Well having met Drew ourselves on more than one occasion, we can tell you that she is super warm and inviting. She is so normal and easy to talk to, you wouldn’t believe it. Plus she wears her heart on her sleeve - the last time we saw her, she was so touched by a gift we gave her that she cried. So I can promise you she wouldn’t find it strange at all if you got teary upon encountering her. Best of luck to you!

01/17/12 at 8:05AM
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