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I have been a Drew fan for at least the past ten years. I grew up watching her fun romantic comedies of the '90s and early 2000's. However, I can't help but feel like she is now "housebroken" and "tamed". Allow me to explain. Drew Barrymore ruled the 1990's. She went through her crazy flower child hippie phase where she ran around and got naked for pretty much anyone. She sparked trends and hairstyles. Now I feel like she is old and boring. I get that she has grown up but I miss wild Drew. :(

Hi there! Like you and many other Drewbies, we fell for her in the 90s as well. That was a really special time to be a fan! The cool thing about her is that she’s really gone through so many phases throughout her life. So as much as we miss the wild child era, there’s always something new to embrace. To us, she’s never boring (that would be impossible for her!), she just continues to evolve.

02/07/12 at 12:44PM
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